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                                                       Excerpts from Standing Orders (Revised) of the Sierra Leone Parliament. 2006

There shall be a Committee to be known as the Finance (and Supplementary Provisions) Committee, consisting of a maximum of 16 members to be nominated by the Committee of Selection for approval by the plenary, after the beginning of each session of Parliament, but in any case not later than twenty-one days thereafter.

It shall be the duty of the Committee to oversee financial activities in governance, and outside the mandate of the Public Accounts Committee, and in particular to oversee the Ministry of Finance.

In its mandate the Committee shall absorb the role of the Supplementary Financial provisions Committee. When the Supplementary Financial Provisions are laid on the table, they will stand referred to the Finance Committee. But the role of the Committee shall be only advisory to the House's power of approval, pursuant to subsections (3) and (4) of the entrenched section 112 of the Constitution.

The powers of the Committee shall be pursuant to subsection (6) of Section 93 of the Constitution.

The Committee may not, except after consultation with the Minister of Finance, make any recommendation that would dispose or charge any public revenue or public funds of Sierra Leone or revoke or alter any disposition thereon or charge thereon or impose, alter or repeal any rate, tax or duty.

Provided that they do not fail within the remit of the Ombudsman or any other statutory special institution on complaints, it shall be the duty of the Committee to consider all petitions referred to it under the provisions of S.O. 70(5) (Petitions), to classify such petitions, prepare abstracts thereon in such form and manner as shall appear to it best suited to convey to the House all requisite information respecting their contents and the  signatures attached thereto and to report the same from time to time to the House.