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Inside the chamber of the House of Parliament
MP Hon. Abi Kaloko signing the register after taking oath

Prayers in the Well of Parliament at the beginning of the session

Parliament of Sierra Leone

The 1991 Constitution of Sierra Leone vests the legislative power in the Parliament. While the President is a part of Parliament the Constitution specifies that no Minister or Deputy Minister will be part of Parliament.  The Parliament itself consists of a total of 124 seats, 112 directly elected members from single member constituencies and 12 Paramount Chiefs from the 12 Districts of Sierra Leone.
The Parliament is headed by the Speaker who shall be elected by the Members of Parliament from among persons who are-
Members of Parliament and who had served as such for not less than five years; or Qualified to be Members of Parliament and who had served as such for not less than ten years”. And who are not less than forty years. (Amendment of section 79 of Act No 6 of 1991)In his absence, the Deputy Speaker who is elected from amongst the Members of Parliament presides over the sittings of the House.Following the elections of November 2012, the third after the end of the civil war, only two parties are represented, namely, the A.P.C. (All Peoples Congress) and the S.L.P.P. (Sierra Leone Peoples Party). As of now, the House has 82 first time MPs and 14 Women Members. Read more